How to configure Dorm Beds into Rooms?


If you have a dorm room type  you can now organize your dorm beds into separate rooms and give them custom names. Customizing dorm names will also make guest assignment much easier. This article is an overview of this option.

To configure your dorm beds into rooms, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your myfrontdesk account

2. Click on 'Manage' icon

3. Click on 'Accommodations types' in the Property Details section

4. Click on the dorm you'd like to configure and scroll down to see optional settings

If you click 'Yes' you'll see that dorms are reconfigured according to the number of dorm rooms you have.

In this example the user has 5 shared dorm rooms with 4 beds in each room. This option allows you to separate beds into rooms.

You can customize the room/bed name, add an image and a description. 

If user organizes the beds into dorm rooms,  he will see drop down menus where dorms are separated from each other in the system. These sections include:

  • Room assignments in Modify Reservation
  • Primary/Secondary Accommodations in Shared Inventory

For example:

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