Cloudbeds Release Notes - December 2017


Cloudbeds' December release carries many system improvements, many of which are related to processing payments, operations with adding cash, and minor improvements to Mybookings . Users with dorms should note new advanced dorm bed organizational tools. 

Payment processing improvements

Most of the pdates are valid only for users who have Payment Processing enabled and Payment Gateway connected

Improvements to Payment Processing Report

Those users who have a payment gateway enabled and connected will see the changes done for payment processing report. From now on it will have

  • filter by“amount”.
  • “refund” as an additional 'Payment Type' filter.
  • ability to export the data to PDF and Excel or send to Email,
  • for failed transactions there will be a tooltip icon near 'Failed' status. Clicking this icon can bring up a warning message with the error which caused failed transaction.
Updated wording for Adding Payment using Gateway

We’ve updated the wording for the dropdown options in the “Continue” button when you’re adding a payment using payment gateway processing. They are:

  • Record Previous Payment (Don't charge card)
    • previously: “Record Existing Payment (Don’t Charge)”
  • Authorize Card
    • previously: Save & Authorize Card
  • Process Payment
    • previously: Add & Process Payment
User Permissions updates related to Payment Processing

We’ve updated the user permissions about payments. 

The permission 'Record Existing Credit Card Payments':

The user will only see the permission when a payment gateway is enabled (by default this permission will be turned ON). If the permission is enabled it will show the option "Record Previous Payment (Don't charge card)" in the picklist. The disabled permission will affect the picklist of the Add Payment modal in the folio and won't show this option.

New Functionality in Credit Cards Tab

The Credit Card Tab in a reservation has new additional data, tools, and functionality.

Updated Interaction with Credit Cards:

  • Users will be allowed to edit/delete Credit Cards. This can only be done for Credit Cards that have no previous transactions. The specific log will be added to the reservation activity.
  • We’ve also changed the color of the buttons:
  1. Authorize - Blue
  2. Capture - Green
  3. Void - Red

The deactivated cards will always be displayed at the bottom of credit card list and will have a strikethrough. 

New columns:

In the “Details” subtab we’ve added a column for Total Refunded and Total Processed (formula: Total Processed = Total Charged - Total Refunded).

Autofills Prevention When Setting Up Payment Gateways

When users were setting up their payment gateways for, they noticed fields were getting autofilled from password saving extensions (LastPass, for example) or browsers that saved passwords. Our system was treating these fields like they were passwords, which resulted in this erroneous behavior. We’ve put in measures to prevent autofills with passwords when setting up payment gateways.

Fixed bug in Billing info requirements

When you make the field required the system will automatically check the box to display that field.

Changing Transaction Dates (except for gateway transactions and cash)

We’ve added the ability to change a transaction date when the transaction was not made through the payment gateway or with cash.
Users can now set the payment date for transactions to a day in the future or past. This allows users with a POS to log payments in Cloudbeds with correct dates.

If a future date is entered, the transaction will be marked as 'pending' until this date approaches (you may check the pending transactions by selecting 'Pending' under 'Transaction' filter in reservation's Folio).

Improvement for Accommodation Types & Dorms
Organizing Dorm Beds into Rooms
  1. When creating the dorm the user  can organize dorm beds into rooms.
  2. If user organizes beds into dorm rooms, in the system the user will see drop down menus where the beds in a physical room are separated from each other. These sections include:
    • Room assignments in Modify Reservation
    • Primary/Secondary Accommodations in Shared Inventory

To navigate to this configuration please click on Manage -> Accommodation Types -> Add new dorm or check existing one and click 'YES' in Organization section.

All accommodation types can have customized individual names. By default the system will show the system-generated name which can then be edited further.

Other Improvements
Reducing number of clicks when taking cash payments

Currently when adding a cash payment to a folio or house account when the drawer is opened by another user, there are a lot of clicks and lots of popups to select the right cash drawer. We have pushed an update that reduces the number of clicks.

An overview of the new process and the existing process can be found below.

New Process:

- User clicks to add payment and selects cash.

3 options will be offered on this step:

  • Add to currently open drawer.
  • Open Cash Drawer.
  • Proceed Without Opening Cash Drawer.

This update will be seen in the following places:

  1. Create reservation section.
  2. Reservation Folio section.
  3. House Account section.

It helps to avoid a lot of clicks and popups when the drawer is opened by another user.

Refund Modal Improvements

Users who have a payment gateway connected, which allows to the user to process refunds to guest's credit card, will see the new refund modal window.  From now on the user will have to select Refund Type by clicking one of the radio buttons. This prevents the users from mistakenly adding the refund as a record instead of processing actual refund.

Fixed issue with guests submitting wrong dates in Mybookings

The current system requires the guest to click “search” again if they change their dates on the mybookings checkout page. Guests wouldn’t realize they needed to do this, and so they booked the wrong days inadvertently. From now on when the guest changes the dates of stay, the system will automatically search for accommodations on new dates.

Confirmation page redirect

On Mybookings Settings page the user can enter a Redirect URL, which will redirect the guest to the website URL once the booking has been completed and after a certain amount of seconds, decided by the user.
Please note this will not redirect to a Facebook URL.

New Field Available when Exporting Reservations

The field “balance due” has been added as an option when you are exporting reservations. You can drag and drop the field if you wish to make that data exportable.

Sort-by Column when editing a reservation

When editing a reservation there are several columns for guest, room type, room number, dates, etc On 'Accommodation' tab. Now these columns can be sorted: this is specifically useful for big group bookings.

Please note that split reservations now have the same reservation ID and each split part will now have a split icon.

If you mouse over a split reservation, it will also highlight both parts of the split.

Courtesy Hold- save a booking in hours OR days now

From now on users may create a Courtesy Hold for hours or days on the calendar.

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