How to remove Channel's price from the Rate Checker


Rate checker is showing the price for Calendar-based channels (i.e. Airbnb), even though Myallocator does not send the price to this channel. This article will guide you through the process of eliminating the channel's price from the Rate Checker.

This article will demonstrate how to remove a channel from Rate Checker emgime based on the example of AirBnB.

Since the rate-checker is a feature that integrates with Mybookings to help on monitoring your rates, you will need to customize your Mybookings settings in order to remove the AirBnb price from it.

1) Settings >

2) Booking Engine >

3) Customize Mybookings

You will need to use the Custom Meta Tags box in the "Customize Mybookings" section to add the following CSS script:

#channel-Airbnb{display: none;}

As a result, AirBnB has been hidden from the rate checker's list:

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