Cloudbeds Release Notes - November 2017


In November 2017, Cloudbeds is happy to announce another step completed in the improvement of our "E-mail Configuration" tool, that was previously released early this year. In addition, in response to customer requests, we have made some improvements on Availability Matrix which will boost the speed and performance of the tool. From now on, changing prices and restrictions will be more user friendly too!  See below for more details about these changes!

Send custom email from reservation

From now on, hoteliers will be able to “Compose Message” from the reservation details page. The e-mail button was replaced for this new tool, when clicking this button, user now will be able to select which email template to send, with the ability to modify that email without updating the template as a whole. The user will be able to select one of the existing templates from the picklist, or simply start typing the content of the email.

Email tab on Reservations

Inside reservation details, you can now view a new tab called 'Email Messages' which will show all emails sent for that reservation. This will be just like the Email Delivery Log, but only include emails pertaining to this specific reservation.

Additional Design Templates

In the email template section, you can now choose from additional design templates. Also, when selecting the language you can choose to auto fill all languages

Email Delivery Log

There's a new column where you are now able to view the guest name

Users - Added Permission for Email Section

In the users permissions, owners can now control the access for system e-mail notification and preferences

Availability Matrix: The price for the accommodation type has been moved

The price for the accommodation type has been moved to the top row

Availability Matrix: Pop-up confirmation removed

Pop-up confirmation removed when changing availability, rates or restrictions. You can now use the option "tab" of your keyboard to load prices per day with no need to confirm every sigle day. Also, when confirming changes, there's no need to confirm for every room type anymore.

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