Stripe Error - "Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API..."


As of October 2017, Stripe has started sending an error message for all new customer accounts created after Oct 9th, 2017.  This is because of Stripe's new tokenization integration requirements. Please read the rest of this article for more information about the error and how to remove the error to proceed with payments.  

Stripe Error

Error Text: Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe. To continue processing use Stripe.js, the Stripe mobile bindings, or Stripe Elements. For more information, see

How to Fix

If you encounter this error please reach out to your Stripe Account Manger. We can provide an AoC of our integration to prove compliance, if necessary. Please know that the payment method distribution provider we use is PCI compliant and your payments are being processed safely.

More about your Credit Card Data security here.

To resolve this error and process payments normally, please manually enable the integration by following the link below. From there, click on " Show Advanced Options" then "Integration" and enable "Process payments unsafely."

We have been assured by Stripe that it is likely safe to send the information this way, since Cloudbeds' Integration Partner is PCI compliant

Cloudbeds is currently working on an upgrade to our Stripe integration so that issues such as these can be avoided.

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