Booking Engine Widget and Wix - Everything you need to know

This tutorial shows two options of linking your booking engine site to your Wix website as well as how to edit code in Wix.

Getting Started

Log into your Wix account and follow the steps:

  1. Choose your site to manage
  1. Click on edit site
Create a new page in Wix
  1. Click on Site Menu
  2. Click + Add Page button
  3. Name the page
  4. Click Done
Disconnect Wix Hotels app
  1. Click on Site Menu
  2. Find the page that contains your Wix Hotels app and click on the '...' icon
  3. Click Delete
Add/edit code in Wix

Editing the source code of your Wix site isn't possible.

If you'd like to insert external HTML code (like another site), you can do so by embedding an HTML iframe. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click the '+' icon on the left side of the Editor in WIX,
  2. Click More
  3. Click Embeds
  4. Click HTML iframe
  1. A new frame will pop up, click on the gear icon (Settings) or Enter Code
  2. Choose Website address or Code then enter the code/address and click Apply
  3. Resize the HTML code element to fit where you want on the page.
Add custom widget code as an HTML Element in Wix

On your Cloudbeds PMS account:

  1. Go to Website Widgets tab
  2. Choose your preferred default language
  3. Choose the widget style
  4. Choose whether you want the widget to open in a new window (for WIX in most cases you want the booking page to open in new window)
  5. Preview: allows you to see the preview of the widget type
  6. This is the code you need to copy and then paste into HTML Code box in WIX
  7. Follow the steps in the How to add/edit Code in Wix section above and add the code in step 6
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