Cloudbeds Release Notes - October 2017 (Part I)


In October Cloudbeds is releasing a system update for myfrontdesk. This update mainly focuses on some improvements to existing tools such as logging improvements, guest profile fields, payment processing, additional languages on mybookings and more!

Payment Information in the reservation header

Payment method specified when creating a website reservation will now appear in the reservation header to allow the property to quickly see how to charge the guest.

Edit credit card details

Before this update after a credit card has been added to the folio, it could no longer be modified. In the case where the  CC number is entered incorrectly, the name is misspelled, or the zip code is not entered correctly now you can modify the card details.


'Edit' button added to the show card details section.

The 'Edit' button will appear only after the credit card details have already been displayed and only if there are no payments (posted or pending), voids, refunds or authorizations (posted or pending).

If these two conditions are not met,  the 'Edit' button will  not show

Credit Card must be deactivated before editing

Payment and Payment Processing Improvements

Improved the Payment Processing Logs in the Activity Logs

Updated our activity log to provide more details for payments processed via a payment gateway or just recorded as a payment note in the system.

New Log Entries:

a. Payment Gateway Named Processed Payment of Amount added to Reservation ID.

b. Payment Gateway Name Authorized Payment of Amount added to Reservation ID.

c. Previous Payment of Amount Recorded for Reservation ID. (Card Not Charged)

d. Payment Gateway Named Processed Refund of Amount added to Reservation ID.

e. Previous Refund of Amount Recorded for Reservation ID. (Card Not Refunded)

Edit Transaction Date for non-cash and non-payment gateway processed payments

When user is adding a payment that isn't processed by Payment Gateway or cash they will be able to change the transaction date. Custom payment type will also allow for the payment date to be changed. The property will be able to enter a past date or a future date, if future date is entered, the transaction will be marked as 'pending' until the date.

Deactivated Credit Cards have Strikethrough

Deactivated credit cards now have a strikethrough and will appear at the bottom of the credit cards list

New styling and coloring of Authorize, Capture and Void button for CC payments

Styling and coloring of the Authorize, Capture and Void buttons for credit card payments updated to better indicate which action is taking place

New user permission to control voiding of items and adjustments

Two new user permissions added:

  1. Void Items on Reservations / House accounts
  2. Void adjustments
Length of stay on mybookings

Sync MinLos of existing Base Rate intervals with Mybookings

For example, if property has MinLos set to 10 - when opening MB page the checkout date selected by default should be in 10 days. Previously it showed tomorrow as checkout by default

Configuration for whether to show housekeeping condition on calendar

To the housekeeping page, added an option to configure whether to show the housekeeping condition (Clean / Dirty) on the calendar.

Extending into linked private room

Scenario: Alec is staying in bed 201 A until Thursday. On Thursday, Ionna is checking into room 201 private, a shared inventory room linked to 201A, 201B, 201C, and 201D to make it private when needed. On Thursday morning, Alec comes down and extends his stay until Friday. The system allows Alec to be extended without kicking out Ionna. Ionna arrives late from the airport and is checked into her "private" room to find Alec sleeping in one of the beds.


This has been adjusted so in the scenario described above, Ionna’s reservation would be unassigned.

Distribution: Closeout ical channels

On distribution closeouts we have the ability to specify which OTAs to close out availability on. Within this list the iCal based channels did not appear. Going forward, property will have the ability to close out ALL channels, including icals.

Account Balances Report

Notes field added to the balance due report

To the balance due report, an extra column at the end of the table with a “View Notes” link has been added

The note that appears here is not the note added to the payment, but rather the note added to the reservation

Other changes to Account Balances Report

  • Number of nights column removed
  • Room column removed
  • Reservation Status added
Housekeeping Status on the Calendar

Housekeeping Status on the Calendar has been changed. Rather than displaying 'Dirtly' or 'Clean' status, the asteriks symbol on the Calendar shows a suggestion for inspection:

Policies page reorganized

Rather than having the deposit information towards the top of the page and 3 tabs underneath, now will have 4 separate tabs. Deposit being one of them

Change to the overbooking modal

Overbooking modal redesigned to send a clear warning.

Adding credit card type without the rest of credit card details

Previously, a property couldn't select the credit card type (Visa, Mastercard, etc..) without entering all credit card details.

Going forward, the 'Credit Card Type' field will appear even if this checkbox is unchecked. If unchecked, this field should be optional.

Also rather than defaulting to the first type of credit card, the option will have a blank option.

Lithuanian language added to booking engine

Lithuanian language added to booking engine

Edit number of guests when modifying reservation

When creating a new reservation, the user has the possibility to change the number of Adults and Children for the rooms that were already added on the left side bar.

There is also a possibility  to do the same when modifying a reservation:

Additional Minor Changes
  • Added an additional security parameter for system passwords where the first part of the email is not allowed to be used as the password (i.e. if my email is, neither the full email address nor tony.tester would be allowed to be the password).
  • On the reservation notes tab, added the quantity of Active and quantity of archived notes
  • Removed ability to edit “No Show” status reservations. Just like cancelled reservations are non-editable, no show reservations will likewise be un-editable going forward.

For changing room types, dates, etc., properties need to change the status back to Confirmed or In-House first before being able to make these changes.

  • Fixed issue with amount charged for scheduled payments when reservation is modified in-between.

Example: a guest has made reservation for 2 nights for 51 Euro, our system has created "scheduled payment" for the 51 Euro deposit = 100% to be collected 2 days prior to arrival. however, guest changed his dates of stay to 1 night and the the reservation was automatically modified in MFD, but system still charged the initial amount of 51 Euro, instead of 26

  • On the calendar, the price that appears in the popup of the reservation will now display Grand Total rather than Sub-Total
  • Link to access the reservation has been added to the Cashier Report
  • Within the special requests area of the reservation, added a small badge (just like with notes on the Calendar) indicating there is information filled out for at least one additional field:
  • Removed checkboxes for shared inventory from the activity log for properties who do not have shared inventory enabled
  • Removed $ sign next to quantity of rooms value on the Daily Report

Fixed sorting for dates on base rates:

Customer emails will be clickable with a <mailto> link.

Phone numbers clickable to make calls directly.

This change is especially important for mobile devices so property can contact guest instantly without having to copy/paste or switch between phone and application.

Styling changes
  • Color of dropdown in the main navigation changed from gray to white
  • Standardized heading font size across pages
  • Additional information text width when creating a new reservation adjusted
  • Background of ‘Active’ state links in the manage menu adjusted
Email Delivery Log

Delivery log tracks activity of emails sent from property account to guest email inbox.

Page shows:

  • To (email address)
  • Subject (email template name)
  • Reservation id (if applicable, link to reservation)
  • Date sent (datetime)
  • Status {Sent, Delivered, Failed}
  • Preview of the sent email
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