TrustYou - Troubleshooting

Some Cloudbeds accounts may not be compatible with TrustYou. Here are a few reasons this may occur along with solutions from TrustYou:

  • Overlapping customers: Hotels which already have TrustYou accounts will need to contact the TrustYou support team directly so that they can find the best way to connect them. 
  • Unmatchable customers: Demo accounts are not compatible with TrustYou.
  • Suspended customers: Cloudbeds accounts which no longer have an active subscription will also have their TrustYou account suspended as well.
  • Customers that use only our booking engine: TrustYou can pull reservation info from only reservations that have status checked out on a day of checkout.

Error: 'Sorry, We Couldn't Sign You into TrustYou'

This error is common for properties who are trying to connect their Cloudbeds PMS account with TrustYou Stars while signing into the account:


When you see this message it means that for some reason TrustYou had not been able to set up the hotel in their database originally. Take the following steps:

  • Email TrustYou success team at: and ask them to set up your property in their database.
  • Make sure to provide your Cloudbeds PMS ID.
  • Ask TrustYou to check with engineers the reason why the error occurred and they will investigate possible reasons.
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