TrustYou Error: 'Sorry, We Couldn't Sign You into TrustYou'


This error is common for properties who are trying to connect their myfrontdesk account with TrustYou Stars

This article will walk you through the steps needed to resolve this issue.

What this error looks like

Upon signing into TrustYou through myfrontdesk, some properties may be faced with the error below:

How to fix the error message

When the hotels see that message it means that for some reason TrustYou had not been able to set up the hotel in their database originally.

Coaches need to take the following steps:

  • Email TrustYou success team at <> and ask them to set up this property in their database.
  • Make sure to provide their myfrontdesk ID.
  • Ask TrustYou to check with engineers the reason why the error occurred and they will investigate possible reasons..
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