PIE - How do I approve/deny a rule?


The following article will walk you through the steps of approving/denying all types of rules in the Rate Manager

Occupancy based rules

Let's create an Occupancy-based rule to raise rate by 45.00% when occupancy is greater than 30.00 %

Once the occupany-based rule is met (in this case 4 out of 10 rooms are booked thus making occupancy 40%), the Rate Manganer will offer option to approve/deny this rule:

After pressing 'approve' or 'deny' option, the system will recalculate the room price.

The little triangle on top of room type for this date will appear

By pressing it the following options will pop up:

1. Navigation between dates

2. Navigation between room types

3. Rate/minLOS/maxLOS editing

4. Closed to Arrival/Departure and Block

5. Option to deny the rule

If the rule is denied after approving, it will not disappear but still show up in your Rate Manager and you can always go back and approve it again

Compset based rules

Let's create a Compset-based rule for PIE to alert the property when room rate is Highest in the Compset:

When the Compset-based rule is met, rate manager will alarm the property with the number or rules to be resolved:

Pressing on the rule will take property to the following screen explaining which rules require resolving:

All options are similar as in the case with Occupancy-based rule.

By pressing the 'Resolve' option the property aknowledges that the system has alerted that the Compset-based rule has been met.

The property can always come back and press on the same room and date and unresolve the rule:

Restriction based rules

When a Restriction-based rule is met, the Rate Manager will offer number of rules to be resolved.

In this case we have removed minLOS of 10 nights restriction for the last week of October and since we have all rooms booked and only 6 nights left in the end of month, the system offers to resolve the rule:

By pressing on the Rules option, the property gets redirected to the resolution page where rule may be approved or denied:

After approval/denial, the property can always go back and change this setting:

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