PIE - How to delete or edit an existing compset


The following article describes operations that are permitted on existing compsets, after the compsets have been created

One of the primary functionalities of PIE is creating and maintaining compsets - a list of similar properties, with which the property competes for business, typically within the same geographical location and similar star rating.

For more information on creating a compset, please consult this article.

Changing the compset status to Active / Inactive

After the compset has been created, it is possible to activate/deactivate it.

Proceed to the Compset page and press the 'Active' checkbox next to the corresponding compset, to toggle between active and inactive status.

When active, the compset status will be marked in green color:

When inactive, it will be displayed as blocked:

Deleting a compset

After deleting, compset data will no longer be visible to the property.

To delete a compset, press the gear icon and choose 'Delete' option:

Editing a compset

A few editing options are available for compsets:

Compset name

1. Click on gear Icon
2. Click Edit:

3. Edit the name
4. Save changes:

Add and remove properties

It is possible to add a property, only if there are less than 5 properties already in the compset

1. To add a property, access editing mode as described above and search for the properties to add.
For more information on adding a property to a compset, please consult this article.

2. Save changes:

To remove a property from a Compset, click red cross to remove it:

Accommodation Type used for property

This option is available only if the property has several accommodation types listed on the channel selected

To change the accommodation type to compare rates to, access editing mode and choose a new accommodation type in the drop-down:

Channel used for property

This option is available only if the property is listed on more than 1 channel and it is currently available

To change the channel for a property in a compset, access editing mode and choose a new channel in the drop-down:

Changing the order of compsets

To change the order of compsets, simply drag them by their names:

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