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How to Generate your Connectivity Credentials to Connect with Decolar/Despegar


In order to connect myfrontdesk to your existing Decolar/Despegar account you will have to get connectivity credentials generated in Decolar's extranet. This guide will walk you through the process to generate those credentials.

If you have any issue or question related to Decolar's extranet, reach out to your Decolar Account Manager or Decolar support team directly for further assistance.

Step 1 - Generating the connectivity credentials in Decolar/Despegar Extranet

  1. Access the General Settings menu
  2. Click on Channel Manager Connections
  1. Click on Add Channel Manager/PMS
  2. Select the channel manager Cloudbeds
  3. Accept the terms and conditions and click to Save the connection

Step 2 - Make sure that Cloudbeds Channel Manager Connection is Enabled

  1. Confirm that the Enabled toggle is ON
  1. Save the connectivity credentials provided (Hotel ID, Username and Password), they will be used in the mapping process in Cloubeds.
  1. Once you have the connectivity credentials, you are ready to connect your Decolar/Despegar account to myfrontdesk.
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