PIE - Rules and Alerts

Rules and Alerts are created to trigger a specific action within the PIE feature, based on your lowest and highest price limits.

This article shows an overview of the Rules and Alerts page and types.

The Rules and Alerts Page

Access Rules and Alerts

Starting from the PIE section of your Main Menu, click on the Rules and Alerts page:

Rules and Alerts Overview

On the Rules and Alerts page you may:

  1. Set Min and Max Price Limits for your property (overall limit) and by room type. This prevents the system from recommending/applying prices outside of the selected parameters.
  2. Create new rules/alerts.
  3. Activate/Deactivate a rule/alert by switching the toggle.
  4. Edit existing rules/alerts.
  5. Delete existing rules/alerts.
  • Deactivating or removing a rule/alert deletes all associated alerts and pending price suggestions for all future dates but does not revert all price changes that have already been applied.
  • Editing the configuration of an existing rule, won't revert any changes that were applied before this modification. Reason: The system treats the modification of a rule as if you were creating a new one. Any change applied by the previous rule can't be automatically reverted by the system.
Rules and Alerts Types
  1. Occupancy Based Rule - The occupancy based rules are triggered by the changes in your occupancy and they affect your rates. You can set up PIE to increase/decrease all or specific accommodations' rates once the occupancy reaches a certain percentage or enters a specific date range (i.e. 3 days out).

    You can set a rule to just suggest those price changes, which you will have to manually accept or to automatically change your prices based on the parameters you set in the rule.
  2. Restriction Based Rule - Restriction based rules can trigger Minimum Length of Stay, Closed to Arrival, or Closed to Departure restrictions to be updated based on availability, in order to sell rooms that would otherwise not be possible to sell due to that restriction. This rule only triggers when the system detects that a date cannot be sold due to one of these restrictions.

    MinLos of 2 for Friday - The guest must reserve Friday and Saturday, however, if for some reason the Saturday availability is 0, the 2-night minimum length of stay will not allow Friday to be booked for 1 night only.
  3. Compset Based Alert - Compset based alert triggers a notification each time the base rate in your property is higher/lower than your competitor(s). This alert does not work as a rule and currently can not be set to change your prices, it only shows a notification when triggered.
Default Rules

All new PIE subscribers will have a few pre-loaded occupancy rules in their account. The rules will be active and set to Manual mode (meaning, the rates won’t be automatically updated by the system, but alerts with rate suggestions will appear in the Rate Manager for the users to review and approve/decline).

The following rules will be created:

  • Occupancy > 60% - raise rate by 10% (overall occ)
  • Occupancy > 70% - raise rate by 10% (overall occ)
  • Occupancy > 80% - raise rate by 10% (overall occ)
  • Occupancy <50% and -3 days- lower rate by 5% (overall occ)

You can always deactivate or delete them, if needed:

Manage Rules and Alerts

Create Rules and Alerts

There are different types of Rules and Alerts. Create your Rules and Alerts on PIE, based on your property's needs:

Rule or Alert Type Step-by-step Guide
Occupancy Based Rule or Alert
Create/Edit an Occupancy Based Rule/Alert
Restriction Based Rule or Alert
Creating/Editing a Restriction Based Rule/Alert
Compset Based Alert
Creating/Editing a Compset Based Alert
Approve or deny a manual rule

Manual rules require the user's specific action/approval to be applied. To approve or deny them will depend on the rule type. Learn more here: Approve or deny a manual rule

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