Matching Taxes for Expedia Reservations


Because of the way MyFrontDesk interacts with Expedia, Expedia Collect reservations' taxes must be set up differently from Hotel Collect reservations' taxes.

The basic difference between Expedia Collect and Hotel Collect is the following:
- for Expedia Collect  bookings we are sent only room rate 
- for Hotel Collect bookings we get full rate (Room rate+taxes) 

Because of this disparity, properties  need to create exclusive tax for Expedia Collect bookings and inclusive tax for Hotel Collect bookings.

For more clarifications on the specifics of Expedia Collect bookings, please consult this article

What is the Difference?

1. Expedia Collect

Let's take a look at the example of an Expedia Collect reservation below. Expedia has sent us room rates without taxes which we display to the property but the guest owes to pay room rate+tax

But if we look a the extranet of Expedia, we will see clearly that property has the following tax configuration:

Expedia shows the balance due for this reservation correctly (with tax):

2. Hotel Collect

Let's take a look at the example of a Hotel Collect reservation from Expedia below. Expedia sent us room rates with inclusive taxes and we display to the property the same total rate as Expedia does in this case:

MyFrontDesk displays the same total rate as Expedia does:

How to Match Taxes

To match the reservation total for Expedia and Hotel collect, the property should create the same two taxes (as they have on Expedia) in MyFrontDesk in Taxes and Fees section.

1. Proceed to Taxes & Fees section of MyFrontDesk

2. Create two new taxes

3. Make sure to choose exclusive (for Expedia Collects) and inclusive (for Hotel Collect) options in tax settings:

4. After the matching taxes are created in MyFrontDesk,  proceed to the the Reservation Sources section

5. Go to third party sources

6. Apply the newly created exclusive taxes to Expedia Collect and Hotel Collect reservation source:

7. Save changes:

8. Complete the steps for Hotel Collect reservations:

After that, the system will ask you whether to recalculate all past reservations or not.

  • If you select YES: All current reservations in the system will have their taxes and fees recalculated.
    • This can sometimes cause reporting discrepancies or inaccurate balances.
  • If you select NO: All current reservations will not be recalculated with the new taxes and fees. All reservations from this point on will have the new taxes and fees applied.

If you made a mistake and accidentally selected "NO" you can always go back into Hotel Policies, click on the appropriate taxes, and select SAVE to get this option again.

After you complete these steps, all Expedia reservation will have correct rates.

In the example above for Expedia Collect:

904.7+15% exclusive tax =1040.41

In the example above for Hotel Collect:

563.20 + 10% inclusive tax (51,20) = total of 563.20

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