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Email Templates Delivery Log - How to track emails sent from Cloudbeds PMS


With Email Delivery Log, you can check all emails sent from Cloudbeds PMS to you or your guests if it has been successfully sent, delivered or failed to be sent.

Type of emails:

Getting Started

  1. Click the gear icon (Manage)
  2. Under Email Configuration, select Email Delivery Log

Apply the necessary filter to narrow down your search.

  1. Search by guest name or reservation ID
  2. Select the date range to check specific period of time
  3. Select email Status: Sent, Delivered, Failed
  4. Click Apply

Check the logs

The logs include:

  1. Date sent: the date and time when email has been sent/delivered
  2. Status: the status of email: Sent, Delivered, Failed (something has prevented email from being sent).

If the status is Failed, click on the tooltip next to it to check any possible reasons why the email couldn't be sent. Contact support at if you need further assistance.

  1. To: shows the recipient - the email is sent to the email address added in the Reservation Details (Guest Details tab), but it can also be the system users if the emails were system notifications or test emails.
  2. Subject: email subject set in Email Templates or set by system if it's a system notification
  3. Reservation ID: displays the booking number related with the email.
  4. Customer: the name of the guest.
  5. *View (eye icon): allows to preview the email.
  6. Resend: allows to resend the specific email if needed.

*Since all emails can sometimes contain sensitive data, only users with View Previously Sent Emails permission are allowed to see the eye icon.

Please check Roles and Permissions article for furher details under section Permissions > Sensitive & Personally Identifiable Information (PII)).

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