Adding Images to Email Templates


Oftentimes it is useful to add a picture to your email sent to guests, such as property's photograph or a local map. This article will walk you though adding images to the body of email templates

1. Host an image online

Currenty, different email service providers support different types of images. Therefore, we need to make sure the method used works properly for all of them (Hotmal, Gmail, etc.) when sending images to the guests through email.

For example, Gmail does not support regular embedded images and will display them incorrectly.

We suggest using the Image URL option rather than Selection from files on your PC because embedded image display will work only with the following email service providers:

  • iOS Mail
  • Outlook 2003
  • Apple Mail
  • Android default

Embedded images do not work for:

  • Outlook 2007+
  • Hotmail (
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail

Therefore, we suggest the use of online image hosting to make sure image shows up in all email service providers correctly

To get it done, we recommend going to and hosting you image there:

1. Go to and add your image

2. Upload your image:


3. Grab the link of your picture:


4. Open your picture in Incognito Window and grab its address:

2. Add an image in the desirable place in an email

1. Proceed to the email template that you wish to edit:

2. Choose location inside of text and put your cursor where the image should be inserted:


3. Click on Image icon inside of the Email Template:

4. Insert the link there:

5. The image will appear in the middle of text:

Check below how it looks:

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