Association users and permissions


If you have few properties in our system and you'd like to have access from one page to different properties - association is exactly what you need.
The association offers different options and features that will be described below.

When we discuss association it´s very important to understand roles.
There are 3 main roles.

 Property Owner

Can't switch between different properties. Shows up in the property's user list. Only user with access to Credit Card Security.

The property owner can't switch from property to property via the association icon. The property owner has to log in as Association user or Association owner.

 Association Owner

Can switch between different accounts, doesn't show up in property´s user list. Has maximum permissions (except Credit Card Security)

Association owner can view list of Admin users.

The association owner and association user see the switch icon in the associated accounts.

Association owner doesn't show up in the property user list on MyFrontDesk.

 Association Users

Can switch between different properties and have maximum permission (except Credit Card Security).

Association users can't change the details of the association owner due to security reasons. As of now, association users can add new association users and edit other association users.

Association user can log in into all properties.

Association user will show up as Association User in the user list of the propety.

Credit card password info

1. Association Owner can't set or view passwords.

2. Association User can't set CC passwords for other users, but can be given access by Property Owner.

3. Property Owner can set CC passwords for regular users and Association User.

System Notification Preferences

With the new release an option to configure who (which email address) will receive certain system emails has been added. Association Users will also be in the staff list so their email preferences will be customizable. Association Owners aren't in the list of staff members, so you will need to add them by their emails. For more details, please check this article.

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