How to create a package - Stay 3, pay 2!


BEFORE STARTING, remember that Special Rates and Packages are only available to direct reservations, that is, those made by the users of the system (eg Reception) and those made through the booking engine mybookings. For the channels / OTAs, only the Base Tariff is synchronized, the packages being configured via extranet of each one.

Step 1
Go to the Rates -> Special Rates and Packages page in the top menu of myfrontdesk. Click Add New Package. Give an internal name (just for your reference) and an external name (which will be made public) to your package.

As we will create a package with a discount on the basic rate, we will select "Derived plan". Select the minus sign ("-") and percentage ("%"), since we will give a percentage discount in relation to the base rate.

The rule we want to put in is that for any booking of 3 nights within the selected period, an overnight stay will be free, which means that when you book 3 nights, the guest will have 33.34% discount on the total amount. For example, if we created a 4-night package for the price of 3, the discount would be 25%.

Then enter the number 33.34 in the value field.

Complete the other additional sources, item data, description, terms and conditions and add an image that illustrates the package. We recommend to include in the Terms and Conditions the rules of use of the promotional rate, to avoid misunderstandings. A non-refundable early check-in (or check-in) is a common practice.

In the Availability section, we will add the periods in which the package is in effect. In this example, we'll enable the promotional package for the next two months. Select the start date and end date of package availability. The promotional package will be visible to guests who select arrival and departure dates within the period.

You can also include extra rules according to your strategy. Remeber that CLOSE TO ARRIVAL works differently here, if you wish to close a day for arrival in this interval, you will have to create a new interval, select the same period, select only the day of the week you want to close to arrival, and select the close to arrival rule.


Don't forget to scroll down to add the interval and save everything. It is also recommended to access your booking engine and test this promo.

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