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Do you have an app, tool, or product you want to integrate with the Cloudbeds' suite of hotel management software?

That's great! This article will show you what kind of process we have for our technology partners from initial request to going fully live with the integration. 

Check out our FAQ article for some common questions and our most up to date API documentation to understand the possibilities and limitations.

Integration Stages

Stage 1: Partnership and Planning


To request partnership complete our form to tell us more about your project and request access to our API: Become a Partner

Our integration team will review your application to make sure it's a good fit and that we currently have enough development resources to support additional integrations.

Response time depends on the number of partnership requests currently in our queue. Requests are responded to in the order they are received.

Stage 2: In Development

Once the connectivity agreement has been signed we will ask you to provide us with the document outlining the integration functionality, calls you'll be using and a few other details. Please see the list below under High-level integration flow document.

When we have that you will be provided with:

  • Cloudbeds partner test account
  • Partner-level API credentials
  • Developer support via email
    • Support is provided through email, response within 1-2 business days
    • Phone and/or live chat are not currently offered for dev support
  • Until your integration has been certified, your app will only be able to connect with your test property.
  • Additional API functionality needed by partners is reviewed and added to our development pipeline when possible. While we do our best to accommodate feature requests, we cannot provide a set target date for delivery of new features.
Stage 3: Pending Certification


Once the integration from your side is complete, there will be a short certification call to run through some simple scenarios and verify everything works as expected.

The following must be submitted before a certification call can be scheduled:

  • An updated version of your app's high-level integration flow (see details below). This is submitted via email.
  • URL of your app’s Knowledge Base article, hosted on your website and submitted in the App Details page of your Cloudbeds test account.
  • App content (screenshots, app icon, and landing page text). This is submitted in your partner account on the App Details page.

Knowledge base article requirements

Article should be in English (unless you're only supporting other languages, and not English).

Article should be publicaly hosted on your website (or help desk center).

Article shows integration functionality and lists limitations.

Article shows steps to initiate and set up integration.

Article shows how to get help (e.g.your support email/form).

Stage 4: Certification call

The following will be verified during your certification call:

  1. OAuth 2.0 implementation
    • Permission scopes present
    • OAuth flow resolves smoothly
  2. Going through your integration flow to confirm all implemented API calls perform as expected in real time.
    • If an active data pull is involved, make sure your system has a method to run this during the call.
    • If using the Cloudbeds API to create a new account in your software, make sure that you can validate the data pulled during the call.
  3. If your app supports multi-property mygroup accounts:
    • That your app is able to correctly parse data from multiple property accounts
    • Eg: Property select menu, UI designation for property involved, etc
  4. Your app integration can correctly handle having an API session / connection canceled by a user inside of Cloudbeds.

Certification Outcomes

  • If your app passes certification, it can begin the pilot and beta testing steps.
  • If your app does not pass certification, we’ll provide concrete feedback on what needs to be fixed. After those fixes are implemented, another certification call can be scheduled.

Please make sure you have at least one property that would be interested in being your test pilot. We try our best to provide test properties but can't guarantee it.

Stage 5: Pilot testing


In this stage, your app is only available for a select number of pilot properties. This process is typically about two-weeks, but can vary depending on whether any additional fixes are needed.

Stage 4 and onward support is provided within 1 business day. There is no support on the weekends, however no issues should arise over the weekend since Cloudbeds' policy is not to release anything to live environment on Fridays. Live chat and phone aren't available.

If no issues are encountered, then your app leaves the closed beta pilot and is available for all users as an open beta.

If mild issues encountered, they can be fixed without returning to test account.

  • Example: Unexpected formatting, excessively high polling intervals.

If severe issues encountered, partner is provided with concrete feedback on what to fix and returned to their test environment. Once the issues are fixed, a new call can be scheduled to re-certify the app.

  • Example: Data corruption, broken API calls/OAuth paths.
Stage 6: Open Beta


A brief period (typically 2-4 weeks) to check for any remaining issues and collect feedback from your users about any UI or integration improvements.

If a significant integration-breaking bug is found, your app might be returned to pilot-testing or pending certification.

Support expectations and process

  • You are expected to solve any urgent issues reported by end user or Cloudbeds support the same working day (day after or Monday if holiday or weekend).
  • You are expected to provide responses to onboarding and customer service questions (concerning integration) within 24 hours.
  • In case of issues for which you need developer support from Cloudbeds please send your request to and we will respond within 24 hours (day after or Monday if holiday or weekend). Provide us with as many details as possible (e.g. methods, results, error messages) this will speed up our investigation.
Stage 7: Going Live


Congratulations! Your app has officially launched for all Cloudbeds users. Property owners across the world are now able to utilize your technology to improve their daily lives. Thanks for partnering with us!

Going forward you are expected to keep up with the customer support quality outlined above. Cloudbeds support won't be able to investigate the integration for the mutual customers.

  • Up to 2 violations result in a written warning.
  • Up to 5 violations result in withdrawal of the app from app directory. Keeping active sessions working.
  • Up to 10 violations result in terminating the app (integration). Canceling all active sessions.
High-level integration flow document

Integration flow document should include the following info:

  1. Your redirect URI (https) (needed for OAuth flow)
  2. Email address and contact name which will be the owner of your Cloudbeds Tech Partner account
  3. What is your approx. planned number of initial integration users?
  4. Which languages, currencies and countries does your application support?
  5. Which Cloudbeds software products will the integration support:
    • myfrontdesk (PMS)
    • mybookings (booking engine)
    • mygroup (multi-property users/management)
  6. If you plan to charge for your integration, what is the pricing model?
  7. Approximate start development and end development dates
  8. Potential challenges or concerns during integration development?
  9. Describe a high-level integration flow. Specify following:
    • OAuth steps, including permission scopes
    • API Methods/calls and how your app plans to use them
    • Any new API methods/calls that might be needed
    • Any new fields or parameters that are needed for existing API methods/calls.
  10. If applicable, planned features for future versions of your app
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