PayDollar / AsiaPay Connection Guide


Gateway Status

This gateway is currently in open beta testing. It is available for use, but still under development.

Supported Countries

Note: The countries listed for a gateway are subject to change. For the most up to date info about a gateway's supported regions, you should always contact that gateway's support or sales team.

If you are not familiar with country codes, you can see a full list here

  • GB, CN, HK, EU, JP, PH, VN, TH

Required Steps

  • 1. Enter your PayDollar Merchant Number into the corresponding field on the payment options section of myfrontdesk. 
  • 2. Whitelist the following IP addresses from inside of your PayDollar Account:
  • 3. Check with your PayDollar / AsiaPay and confirm there are no remaining configuration steps inside of your PayDollar merchant account.
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