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How can I post a Day Use service on reservation folio?


Currently Day Use service is being planned for future implementation. You can use our idea board to submit or vote on an idea, so our developers will be able to mesure the priority and urgency of your idea. To vote on Day Use Idea click here

Don't waste the trip, click on the following link to learn on how to submit or vote for an idea.

Step 1-  Creating a house account named Day Use. This account will be available for you to use on future reservations.

Step 2- Right after creating the house account find it on the list.

You can find it using the filter or clicking on the buttons "Ctrl+F" and writing the house account name.

Step 3- Posting Day Use on this house account

1- Click on "Add / Adjust Charge" button

2- Click on "Add room revenue"

3- On the field "|Revenue Type" you must chose "Manual" option.

4- In case there is any tax or fee, please select it

5- Type the room revenue amount

6- You can add a note in case you need it.

7- Click on "Add" and you are done.

Step 4- Create a block room on your calendar and allow guest to go to his room.

You need help on blocking a room within calendar? Click here

Don't forget deleting this room block right after this guest has checked out so you will make this room and date available again.

In case you don't want to block your rooms and therefore keep it available on channels have on mind an internal management will be necessary to avoid overbookings. Cause in case you receive a last minute booking and the day use guest is still on the booked room it can cause some stress.

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