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TrustYou - Google Ranking


TrustYou, as a partner of Cloudbeds, is also a partner of Google, and we strongly believe that a hotel's presence on Google impacts direct bookings and shapes the hotel's overall success.

To name only one perk: TrustYou survey solution which properties can sign up for free with their CloudBeds account comes with a Google Push, so reviews can be published on Google. Also with TrustYou's Widgets which properties can insert on their website and which they can get from inside their TrustYou account, they can influence the ranking on Google, as it gets picked up by the search engine.

As we can't list everything which is possible for hotels due to TrustYou's partnership with Google here is some material which will be the most interesting for you.

For further information on the Google and TrustYou reviews integration and cooperation, please contact TrustYou client succcess team ( who will provide all the necessary information to the hoteliers.

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