What are Booking.com alias emails?


As you receive a reservation from Booking.com, you may notice that it has a different format of guest email with the following domain: @guest.booking.com

What do these emails look like?




Why does Booking.com have these alias emails?

Booking.com uses alias for e-mails for guests avoiding any possible spam and keeping the guests privacy in place. Partners can use the alias e-mail to reach out to the guest normally. The alias email will be deactivated a few days after guests check out.

Will these guests see my email sent from MyFrontDesk?

Whenever a property send an e-mail to an address as the example bellow, the guest will receive it in their inbox, normally.

Properties can use the alias email structure outside of the channel extranet to communicate with guests, this is fully supported.

Would it be possible to asks guests for their real email while booking on Booking.com?

According to Booking.com, there is no possibility for them to disclose this information due to compliance reasons.

Can I check if the email was delivered through alias to guest's real address?

You can check booking.com if the message was sent or check in MFD for email logging to see if the email was sent.

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