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This article shows the most common problems and the troubleshooting steps for your booking engine mybookings.

If you are facing an error that is not covered here, please reach out to our support team at

My rate plan is not displaying on mybookings

Below are some reasons why the rate plan might be unavailable on mybookings:

Reason 1: The rate plan is not active for mybookings

Access the 'Rate Plans & Packages' page and check the toggle 'Active for sources / mybookings' as shown below.

This toggle controls whether your rate plan is displayed on mybookings or available internally as a source during new reservation creation. 

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Rate Plans & Packages - Google Chrome
Reason 2: There are restrictions configured for the Rate Plan

On 'Rate Plans & Packages' page, make sure to check all restrictions that might affect the rate plan being displayed such as minimum length of stay, cut off, etc. Follow steps:

  1. Access 'Rate Plans and Packages'
  2. Click to expand the corresponding rate plan settings
  3. Double-check the restrictions for the rate plan

If needed, edit the restrictions in the rate plan. See the instructions here: How to save, edit or delete rate plan

Reason 3: The reservation source 'Website' is not enabled for the rate plan
  1. If everything is set up correctly but the rate plan is still unavailable, please access the Reservation Sources tab.

The website as a reservation source should always be enabled if you'd like your rate plan to be available on your website.

  1. If the source 'Website' is not active, switch the toggle to enable it.
  1. Once the reservation source is active, go to 'Rate Plan & Packages' and edit the rate plan.

Scroll down to the section 'Which sources is rate plan available for?' and add 'Website' as a source.

Reason 4: The amount of discount equates to a room rate total of $0 or less.

If the amount of discount configured in the rate plan is equal or higher than the actual room rate, it will result to the total room rate of $0 or less.

The system will not display rooms with no price, therefore, any rate plan with the amount of discount equal or higher than the actual room rate will not appear on mybookings.

Note: The rate plan will still be available when creating a direct reservation on myfrontdesk using a third party source even if the room rate is $0.

If everything has been setup correctly and the rate plan is still unavailable on mybookings page, please contact our support team at

System is not allowing to select the Billing State

If you have a Payment Processing connected to your myfrontdesk account and the system does not allow you to select the Billing State on mybookings page, please check the following instructions to fix.

Problem: When you click on Billing State, the drop-down is empty and there is a message saying: "Please select country first"

Checkout - DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Google Chrome

Reason: The Billing Country is not enabled under the Credit Card Configuration

There cant be a drop-down for state unless the system knows which country it is. Please make sure you have the field Billing Country selected under 'Credit Card Configuration'.

Follow steps below:

  1. Go to 'Payment Options' and scroll down to Credit Card Configuration
  2. Make sure that Billing Country field is selected
    • If not, select the option and Save the changes
ERROR:This Field is required

Guests may experience the following error when trying to create a reservation on mybookings which is connected to  payment processing: Field name (i.e birthday) is required

This article explains why this error occurs and a temporary solution to correct the issue. 

Screenshot by Lightshot - Google Chrome

Why does it happen?

This may occur when a property has connected to one payment gateway but then switched to another payment gateway.

Let's review a hypothetical situation for a better understanding:

  • You have Stripe as your initial payment gateway which requires a certain field as mandatory [i.e birthday]. With the initial payment gateway settings, the guest was required to fill out this specific field when making a reservation on mybookings
  • When you changed to another payment gateway, the new gateway does not require [birthday] as a mandatory field anymore.  Since the field is not required, it does not display on mybookings page.

Problem: Although this field was hidden by the system, the guest can not complete the reservation, because this field is still required.

Temporary Solution

While our development team is working to fix this issue to provide a long-term solution, please follow the steps below for a temporary workaround:

  1. Access 'Payment Options' page on your myfrontdesk account
  2. Find the 'Credit Card Configuration' section (under the Credit Card tab)
  3. Make a temporary change - it only serves to trigger a "system refresh" in mybookings page. Example: Click on the checkbox for displaying billing state
  4. Click 'Save'
  5. Revert the change that was made in Step 3 (uncheck the box that you selected on Step 3)
  6. Click 'Save' once more.
DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Payment Options - Google Chrome

Once the changes are saved, the system will 'refresh' and pull the required fields once more but this time from the new payment gateway.

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