Cloudbeds Booking Engine - Troubleshooting

This article answers some of the most common questions about our Cloudbeds Booking Engine. See our troubleshooting steps if you have any issues.

If your question is not covered here, reach out to our Support Team.

Booking Engine Troubleshooting

Rate plan not being displayed on the Booking Engine

Common reasons why Rate Plans do not appear:

The rate plan is not active
  1. Click Rates and Availability
  2. Select Rate Plans & Packages
  3. Check the toggle Active for sources/Booking Engine as shown below. Make sure the toggle is ON (green)

The Active for Sources/Booking Engine toggle controls whether your Rate Plan is displayed on the Booking Engine, or available internally as a source to create new reservations.

There are restrictions configured for the Rate Plan

In the Rate Plans & Packages settings, make sure to check all restrictions that might affect the rate plan being displayed such as minimum length of stay, cut off, etc.

Follow steps:

  1. Click Rates and Availability
  2. Select Rate Plans & Packages
  3. Click the (+) sign to expand the rate plan settings
  4. Double-check the restrictions for the rate plan

Edit the restrictions in the rate plan to make it available as needed. See How to save, edit or delete rate plan

The reservation source Website is not enabled for the rate plan

Check if the source Website is activated in the Reservation Sources settings.

  1. Click the gear icon (Manage)
  2. Go to Reservation Sources
  3. Double check if the source Website is active

Enable Website as a reservation source to make the Rate Plan available on your website.

  1. If the source Website is not active, switch the toggle to green to enable it.
  1. Once the reservation source is active, go to Rate Plan & Packages settings and edit the rate plan.

Scroll down to the section Which sources is rate plan available for? and add Website as a source:

The discount is making my room rate $0 or less

If the amount of discount configured in the rate plan is equal or higher than the actual room rate, it will result to the total room rate of $0 or less.

The system will not display rooms with no price, therefore, any rate plan with discount equal or higher than the actual room rate will not appear on the booking engine.

The rate plan will still be available when creating a direct reservation on Cloudbeds PMS using a third party source, even if the room rate is $0.

I need to fill the billing address but the system won't allow me to select the Billing State

Make sure you have Payment Processing connected to Cloudbeds PMS. If you still cannot select the Billing State on the Booking Engine, see possible solutions below:


When clicking on Billing State, the drop-down is empty and there is a message saying Please select country first:


The Billing Country field is not enabled under the Credit Card Configuration. There can't be a drop-down for state unless the system knows which country it is.

Make sure you have the field Billing Country selected under Credit Card Configuration.

  1. Click on Manage (gear icon)
  2. Go to Payment Options
  3. In the Credit Card section, scroll down to Credit Card Configuration.
  4. Make sure that Billing Country field is selected. If not, tick the box and save the changes.
Guests are seeing - ERROR: This Field is required - when they try to book


This error message can appear because a property has the Payment Processing feature enabled and recently switched from one payment gateway to another.  

Example of error: This field (i.e birthday/name) is required

Why does this happen?

This may happen when a property has connected to one payment gateway but then switched to another payment gateway.

Let's review a hypothetical situation for a better understanding:

  • You originally chose Stripe as your payment gateway. Stripe had birthday/name as a required field.
  • Then you switched to another Payment Gateway. The new gateway does not have birthday/name as a required field.
  • Now birthday/name is no longer visible in the system, but it is still saved as a required field. Therefore, the guest cannot complete the reservation.


  1. Click the gear icon (Manage)
  2. Go to Payment Options
  3. In the Credit Card section, scroll down to Credit Card Configuration
  4. Make a temporary change to the fields (Example: Un-check the field Billing Zip)
  5. Click Save (This will refresh the system)
  6. Undo the temporary change you made in Step 4 (Example: Re-check the Billing Zip box)
  7. Click Save

Now the required field will match your your new payment gateway.

The custom code is not working for other languages on the booking engine

Some of the code you apply in the Customize Cloudbeds Booking Engine page might not translated into different languages. Check the details below.

  • Sections that do not allow translations to your custom texts:
    • Custom Meta Tags
    • Custom Meta Tags (Confirmation Page Only)
    • Javascript Code (Confirmation Page Only)
  • Sections that allow translations to your custom texts:
    • Custom header for your hotel booking page
    • Custom footer for your hotel booking page
    • Customize the text that will appear on the booking page if there is no availability for the dates searched


You have added code into the Custom Meta Tags section in order to add a custom text under the Search button on the booking engine page.

[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Customize mybookings - Google Chrome

When you access your booking engine page, the text will be shown only in that language in which the code was written. The system will not translate the text automatically even if you switch the booking engine language:

[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Kyiv, Ucrania - Mejor precio garantizado - Google Chrome

How to translate the text in custom codes

To translate the custom text, add the desired code to the section that allows you to switch the language, and add the translation manually.

Example: Follow the steps below to add custom text under the Search button, and apply it to other languages:

  1. Add the code into the Custom footer for your hotel booking page section which allows you to switch the language:
[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Customize mybookings - Google Chrome
  1. Select the desired language on the top right corner of the Custom footer for your hotel booking page section.
  2. Apply the same code with the translated custom text:
[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Customize mybookings - Google Chrome
  1. Save the changes and check the booking engine page

Note how the text was successfully translated according to the translation added in the code.

[Demo] Mountain Resort & SPA - Kyiv, Ukraine - Best Price Guarantee - Google Chrome
Guests are getting - An error has occurred - message while trying to complete a new reservation


This error may occur if the CVV option is not enabled.


Follow these steps to enable the CVV settings:

  1. Click on Manage (the gear icon in the top right)
  2. Go to the Booking Engine Settings
  3. Check the box Ask for CVV code when entering credit card information (credit card payments only)
  4. Save
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