Cloudbeds Release Notes - August 2017 (part 1)


Cloudbeds delivers an update in August 2017. This update is the first step in improving the email system. Additional follow-up improvements to the email system are planned within short time period.

High level summary of all the changes

New email templates

New Email Templates menu appears under Email Configuration in your Manage section of myfrontdesk account. Any number of custom email templates can be created, edited and removed.

Previously you needed to go General System Settings to choose with what email address the system will send emails to your guests:

With a new release this option has been moved to Email Templates. Each email template can now be sent from a different email address.


We have expanded the list of merge tags (short codes) to help you add system info in the template body or subject.

Several preset layout types are available. If you'd prefer to build your template from scratch you're can select the HTML editor.

After selecting the layout you're able to add images, links and customize the text.

Before using the template you're able to test it out by sending a test email.

More info about Email Templates can be found here!

Email scheduling

Above created email templates can be scheduled to be sent based on settings:

  • Specific number of days before or after check-in, check-out or booking date
  • When a reservation status changes

Email schedule can be limited to bookings that fit specific criteria:

  • Booking date interval
  • Arrival date interval
  • Departure date interval
  • Specific sources
Misc Updates

Registration card improvements

Registration Cards have the ability to:

  • Change language when printing registration cards
  • User can add custom text to Registration cards.
  • Set a default language for registration cards. Print menu shows language in which the guest made the booking in (if on booking engine), as well as country guest is from. Menu defaults to language based on language used to create booking, or country if do not know language used.

Detailed overview of Registration cards can be found here!

Limit languages on booking engine

Mybookings Settings page, has a multi-select picklist of all the languages so the property can select which languages to allow on their booking engine.

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