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How to Export Reservations from your Myfrontdesk Calendar to Google Calendar?


This article will show you the way of exporting your Myfrontdesk calendar to the Google Calendar using Event-o-matic, a simple-to-use Google Sheets Add-on.

Please check the article on how to install these add-on: How to install Event-o-Matic.

Note! Free version allows to create up to 25 calendar events per day.

Step 1. Exporting the Reservations

1. Go to the Reservations tab, and filter reservations for upcoming dates.

2.  Click on the 'Export Reservations' button

3. Select the fields which you need to be on Google Calendar

4. Click on 'Export Reservations'

Step 2. Open the new downloaded file

1. Open a new Google Sheets page.

2.  Upload the reservations file to Google Sheets.

Step 3. Setting up Event-o-Matic

1. Click on the 'Add-ons' Tab

2. Hover over Event-o-Matic and click on 'Setup'

Once the add-on is displayed, you can follow the instructions on how to proceed.

Step 4. Creating Events

Select the calendar in which events will be created. If the user is using a primary calendar, then the user’s email address should be selected from the list.

Next, select the Sheet of data that contains all the calendar information.

Step 5. Matching the appropriate input

Match the appropriate input with the column header designated in the spreadsheet. For example, if column header is named “Name” then you would select that under the “Event Title” drop-down menu.

Step 6. Creating full day events

You can create full day events instead of events with a start and end time. If your date and time appear in the same column, then select the box Date and time are combined. If they are in separate columns, leave the box unchecked.

Step 7. Selection Summary

You will see a summary of all the selections made. You can go back to any previous step and change the settings by clicking on the appropriate blue checkmark on the top timeline.  

Step 8. Preview Screen

This step will include a preview screen, which shows the date and time of the event, description of the event, email addresses of who will be invited to the event, the organizer’s Calendar, and the time zone. Click the big blue checkmark, and the events will be created!

Additional column headers will have been created at this point: Event Status and Event Link. Event Status will let the user know if the event was successfully created, and the Event Link will provide a link to the calendar event that you can use to open the event directly from the spreadsheet.

You can check all reservations on your Google Calendar.

You will need to update your Google Calendar manually as reservations will not be auto-adjusted.

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