Stock Inventory Overview


The Stock and Inventory tool controls the quantity of the product that is currently available for sale at the property.

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The Stock and Inventory tool allows you to:

  • Define the products you want to monitor and set initial inventory - the system will automatically remove from stock as each sale is made through the system
  • Set minimum stock quantities per product and receive Low Stock alerts
  • Set thresholds to automatically suspend sales of a specific product
  • Monitor Low Stock, Items Sold (daily, monthly, quarterly, annually), and Items Sold per User with powerful reports

How to Set Stock Inventory

1. Setting Stock Inventory for new item
  1. Access Items and Services page
  1. To add a new item and set stock for it - click on +New item
  1. pop-up menu on the right side of the screen will be displayed where you may enter the item's description. Fill in the item details and scroll down to Do not track stock inventory for this produc' option (it will be selected by default).

Learn more about Items on the following article: Creating an Item

  1. Uncheck the box next to the option Do not track stock inventory, this will open the Stock Inventory menu
  2. Set Current Stock Quantity - enter the quantity of the product that is currently available for sale at the property
  3. Reorder Threshold Quantity
    • If you want to be notified when the current stock quantity of the item reaches this quantity, enter the quantity here.
    • If you do not want to be notified, leave this field empty.
    • Threshold quantity should typically be lower than the available quantity.
  4. Stop Selling product when
    • Never stop selling the product: Even if the remaining quantity of the product reaches zero or below, it will continue being available for sal
    • Stop selling the product when the remaining quantity reaches...- If the remaining inventory quantity of this stock reaches below the value specified, this product will no longer be available for sale (in Folio)
  5. Click SAVE ITEM
2. Setting Stock for Existing Items
  1. Go to Items and Services page
  2. Next to the item you want to add stock to, click on the pencil icon to edit
  1. pop-up menu will be displayed on the right side of the screen - scroll down to 'Do not track stock inventory for this product option (it will be selected by default).
  2. Follow the instructions described on the section Setting Stock Inventory for new item

When functionality is first released and enabled, the system will not know the Current Stock Quantity nor the Reorder Threshold Quantity. As a result, the system does not need to keep track of quantity until these values are set.

You can change also the number of items in stock at any time from Items and Services page.

3. Notifications to reorder

You can add any number of recipients for a notification that arrives via email when certain item reaches the stock threshold. Recipients can be users or any other email address.

In order to add a recipient for a notification

  1. Go to Items and Services page
  2. Click on Reorder Notifications
  3. Click Add Email


  1. Select users from the staff
  2. Or add any other email
  3. Click Add

Check detailed information about Stock Inventory Report on the following article: Stock & Inventory Report

Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage User's Permissions to Edit Stock Inventory
  1. Access Roles page
  2. Under Items and Services section, set permissions to update Stock Quantity and Threshold Notifications
How to export Items and Services to PDF (Excel)?

If you need to download and save Items and Services to your computer, there is a simple guide for you on how to do it:

  1. Access Items and Services tab
  2. Click on Customize and control Google Chrome button, which looks like three dots in the top right corner of the browser
  3. Choose the option to print
  1. Choose Save as PDF
  2. Click Save
  1. Follow the standard process of saving the file to your computer (such as choosing the name of the file and its destination)
  2. If you need to have this file in Excel format, you can search for a free PDF to excel converter
  3. Upload your file to the converter, make a conversion into Excel and save it again on your computer.

Here is a video for your reference with a detailed description of the process described above:

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