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Connecting one-way Calendar Channels/Google Calendar with myfrontdesk


This article will guide you on how to connect one-way calendar-based channels.

One-way connection means that we send a block TO the channel/calendar once there is no availability for the specific room type, but we will not be able to import reservations FROM the channel/calendar.

  • You will need to adjust inventory on myfrontdesk manually for any incoming bookings from that channel/calendar or to manually create a reservation on myfrontdesk
  • Myfrontdesk only provides ical for room types, not individual rooms
  • You will need to copy/import the URL of each room type separately

Importing room type ical to Google Calendar

1. After Step 1 go to your Google Calendar

2. Click '+' sign ('Add other calendars')

3. Paste myfrontdesk room type ical url and click 'Add calendar'

Once the room type on myfrontdesk will become unavailable (availability = 0) - a block will appear on a calendar

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