Connect calendar channels to Cloudbeds PMS

This article will guide you on how to connect calendar-based channels.

Things to note before getting started

  • Check this article before moving forward: Calendar channels (ical connection) - Everything you need to know
  • Cloudbeds PMS only provides ical for room types, not individual rooms.
  • You will need to copy/import the URL of each room type separately.
  • For one-way channels: you will need to adjust inventory on Cloudbeds PMS manually for any incoming bookings from that channel/calendar or to manually create a reservation on Cloudbeds PMS.
  • Calendar-based channels do not provide us with the number of customers that booked, so bookings for shared/dorm rooms will be imported as 1 bed by default, even though there could be more!
  • Pitchup: This channel does not accept mapping more than one unit per accommodation type. If you have multiple units for an accommodation type, be sure to create each unit a specific listing in Pitchup to be able to map.

Connect calendar based channels


How to import ical links to Google Calendar?

If the calendar you want to sync is the Google calendar, follow the steps below:

  1. After Step 1, go to your Google Calendar
  2. Click the '+' sign ("Add other calendars")
  1. Paste Cloudbeds PMS room type ical url and click to Add calendar

Once a room type in Cloudbeds PMS becomes unavailable (availability = 0) - a block will appear in Google Calendar.

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