How to make a split reservation for existing booking to individual room within one room type


1. Log into your MyFrontDesk Account

2. Access the Reservations tab

3. Split Existing Reservation to the Same Room Type

1. Go to the reservation to be edited

2. Press the 'Edit' gear button next to the guests's name

3. Choose 'Quick Edit' option

Note: this option appears only if the length of that part of the reservation is longer than 1 night.

4. Press 'Add Split'

5. Press drop-down option 'Select Accommodation'

6. Select the same accommodation as listed in the reservation being edited

7. Choose Dates

When adding a split to the same individual room add a new row. Application will not allow you to split in the same row. Simply click Add Split add same room for future dates.


8. Press  'Save Updates'


4. Your Reservation is now split between the same room type

5. Split Reservation to the Same Room Type from the Calendar

1. Navigate to the reservation that is to be split on the Calendar

2. Press 'Quick Edit'

3. Perform Steps 3-4 above

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