How to connect Agoda to myfrontdesk


Agoda is one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel booking platforms. From its beginnings as an e-commerce start-up based in Singapore in 2005, Agoda has grown to offer a global network of 2 million properties in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. It provides travelers with easy access to a wide choice of luxury and budget hotels, apartments, homes, and villas to suit all budgets and travel occasions

Things you should know before you get started:

Please check out the FAQ section of this article to check what features are supported / not supported by this channel.

How to Connect Agoda to myfrontdesk

Step 1 - Getting Started

If you do not have an account at Agoda

Create an account with Agoda. Here's the sign-up link

  1. Complete the 2 steps registration and select myallocator channel manager during sign up process.
  2. You'll receive Agoda login details to build your property profile
  3. Complete the profile creation and your property will be validated by Agoda - Wait for Agoda to confirm your property application
  4. Once your property is live and bookable on Agoda, you are ready to proceed with Step 2 of this article

Please note that loading rates & allotment for 90 days is a minimum requirement to activate your property with Agoda.

If you need assistance with this step, please contact Agoda's support team directly.

If you already have an account with Agoda

  1. Access myfrontdesk Channels tab
  2. Search for Agoda and click on 'Not Setup'
  3. Click 'Enable'.

4. Once you have been approved as a property on the Agoda platform, enter your Hotel ID and click REQUEST ACTIVATION.

This will send a request to the channel to enable the connection for channel management. You will be notified via email when the connection has been enabled and your rooms are ready for mapping.

Once the request has been sent, the channel status will change to 'Awaiting Activation' while Agoda processes this request. It may take a few days.

5. When Agoda confirms the connection, they will email the Cloudbeds support team with the required information - Cloudbeds will enable the connection for you!

Do not worry, you will receive an email notifying you that Agoda is ready for mapping! When you receive this email, go ahead and proceed with step 2.

Step 2. Start mapping Agoda in myfrontdesk

Once you login to your myfrontdesk account:

  1. Click on the gear icon
  2. Access Channels tab
  3. If you have correctly completed the steps above, Agoda will be displayed on your channels list as 'Ready for Mapping'. Click on the Ready for Mapping button to proceed.

4. Click Continue here:

5. Select the Agoda rooms from the drop-down that correspond to myfrontdesk rooms and click CONTINUE when completed.

For detailed information about the mapping process please check this article: Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines.

6. Use this page to configure the rate plan(s) you want to sync between myfrontdesk and Agoda

Click on 'Configure'

  • You must map at least one rate plan per Channel Accommodation Type to ensure proper rate sync.
  • You can create multiple rate plans for each room type and have those sync to Agoda. Click here to check further information.

This feature is currently in a pilot phase and not enabled for all users. If you would like to join the pilot, please email

7. The rate plans you have created on myfrontdesk are listed on the LEFT. Use the dropdown menus to map Agoda rate plans to rate plans on myfrontdesk system.

Once you finish, click on 'Save'

8. Add Base Rate Adjustment for each room type if needed, or adjust all. Click CONTINUE when completed or if you want to skip, leave it at zero.

Click here to learn more about the Base Rate Adjustment. In most cases, this can be left blank.

9. This channel requires you to select an option for Extra Settings

The option you select on this page must match what is set in your Agoda extranet.

  • Currency - The currency selected must always match your default currency of your Agoda Extranet.
  • Extra-Bed Option - There are three options for the Extra-Bed price - the option you choose must match what is specified in your Agoda extranet.
    • Same as Room Rate
    • Do not set extra bed rate
    • Extra bed rate set below
  • Extra-Bed Rate: it could be same as room rate, not set at all or specified in the field

Click CONTINUE once you finish

10. It's strongly advised to send a full refresh now to make sure that availability and rates are fully updated on the channel. Click on 'Full Refresh' on the top right of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features does this channel support?

Agoda supports:

  • Cancellations (it means that when a reservation is canceled, your availability will be updated automatically)
  • Modifications
  • Minimum length of stay
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Rate Plan Mapping
  • Close Day (Stop Sell)
  • Close days for arrival
  • Close days for departure
  • Credit Card Information
Channel's Error

If you're experiencing errors during/after the connection process, please check out this article from our Knowledge Base for further information: Agoda Errors during and after connection

Agoda Property Collect Information

Myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) and launched its new payment option, ‘Property Collect,’ where guests pay the property when they arrive for check-in. This feature enables properties to select whether a booking can be pre-paid by or if a booking can be paid by the customer at the property. 

Property Collect benefits you by attracting more customers while also being easy to use and equipped with intelligent features.

Going forward, please ensure that you check the payment condition when receiving bookings from Agoda and also inform front desk staff about Agoda’s Property Collect program

Can guest information (email addresses, phone) be included in Agoda bookings?

Per Agoda:

"We will not return guest's contact details via the API or any other way since we are a merchant model that the guest pays Agoda directly.  We do not distribute the contact details to any third party - If the customer needs to be contacted, Agoda's Customer Experience Group will assist the property to contact the guest."

How does Agoda Homes work?

Agoda has two versions of extranet:

  • Hotels (YCS)
  • Agoda Homes (Host Manage)

Agoda uses the same API connection and database for both extranets, which means that the connection process in myfrontdesk is the same for both (as described above).

 The difference between these two products are:

  1. Agoda Homes: Can have one room type, one rate plan, and one allotment only.
  2. Hotels (YCS): Can have multiple room types, multiple rate plans, and multiple allotments.

For your Information!

Agoda Homes Clustering (same as hotel) stands for multi-room/unit vacation rentals.

Example: you have 5 apartment units in the same building which are 2-bedroom apartments (= 2 units) and Studio apartment (= 3 units).
You decide to create a listing as 1 property with 2 room types which are 2-bedroom apartment and Studio apartment and have an allotment of 2 and 3 accordingly.

Single unit/room vacation rentals applies when you decide to create 5 individual listings based on the example above.

Please see below the matrix for each type.

Number of Room Types Number of Rate Plans Allotment Agoda Extranet
Agoda Homes Single Unit  1 1 1 Host Manage
Agoda Homes Clustering (same as Hotel) Multiple Multiple

"Since Agoda Homes can have only one room availability, the channel did not show the quantity in the Calendar on the extranet. Agoda Homes extranet is designed for the individual host so all features will be simplified.

However, Channel Managers can send all the restrictions via API (e.g. min/max length of stay, close to arrival/departure, etc.) but these restrictions will not be displayed in the calendar.

How to send a request to connect to a channel manager?

Log in to your Agoda Extranet and:

  1. Submit the request via Support->Help Center->Contact us
  2. Live Chat function (available 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM Bangkok time)

Once the connection is confirmed by Agoda, please process the mapping in the myfrontdesk platform as described above.

When connecting Agoda Homes to a Channel Manager:

  • ALWAYS set Instant Booking while connecting to myallocator
  • Do not adjust prices on Agoda's calendar
  • Do not use the calendar sync function
  • Additional fees should upload/update from the Agoda side
  • Advance notice (cut-off day) should set up from the Agoda side.
Is it possible to connect Agoda iCal to myfrontdesk?

Currently, the myallocator and Agoda iCal connection is not compatible. Below you can see an example of an Agoda iCal. Please note the warning message saying that the calendar URL is not supported.

Note that Agoda Homes (described in the above section) and iCal connection (Calendar Based) are totally different.

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Does Agoda send the UPC card data on Epass to Cloudbeds?

No, the UPC (Unique Payment Card or virtual card) data under E-Pass is not sent to Cloudbeds. Agoda requires the property to login to their extranet to obtain the UPC details.

For further information on Agoda UPC payment method, please contact your Agoda Account Manager.

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