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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Cloudbeds Payments Mexico


We are happy to announce that Cloudbeds Payments is now available in Mexico. Cloudbeds Payments is a payment solution integrated seamlessly with the Cloudbeds Hospitality Platform. Built for the hospitality industry, it provides advanced fraud detection, chargeback management, global security compliance, and a dedicated support team.

If you want to use this feature, schedule a call with our sales team.

Cloudbeds believes every lodging business is unique. We have tools for every size and budget to establish and grow. Reach out to our Hospitality Consultants for more information on each available package.

If you are not yet a Cloudbeds customer, please click here to access our Pricing Guide and schedule a Demo.


  • Streamline operations with one system: No more manually entering transactions from one platform to another. With all your transactions in one place, reporting and reconciliation are easy. Cloudbeds Payments makes reservation management, accounting, and payment processing all work seamlessly.
  • Create online booking automations: Use your preferred policy to authorize payments or collect deposits or prepaid reservations coming from your booking engine and hotel-collect OTAs. And, with authorized payment information, you can charge for no-shows and incidentals.
  • Cut costs: Reduce staff hours by eliminating the need to track and report transactions in multiple platforms. No more dual entry, no more manual batching.
  • Greater accuracy: Remove human error from the equation — no more redundant dual entries, no more calculation mistakes, no more misplaced invoices.
  • Built for the hospitality industry: The hospitality industry has a unique mix of payment types, which until recently were flagged for fraud at higher rates than other industries. Our payment processing represents the unique hospitality industry and increases authorization rates.
  • Simple application and setup: Our online setup process is designed to be fast and straightforward.
  • Easy dispute management: Our team works tirelessly to immediately identify and help you respond to disputes that do occur.
  • In-house Customer Support and Risk (fraud) teams: With Cloudbeds Payments, all support and risk analyses are completed in-house, making the process faster and more transparent to you.
  • Meets all global credit card security requirements: All credit card information is stored securely using tokenization to maintain end-to-end security. Our service is PCI DSS Level 1 security certified.
  • Transparent pricing: Know what you're paying for with the easy-to-read Payment Processing Report, updated daily. There is also a monthly statement that lists all credit card transactions submitted to your merchant account including payments, refunds, chargebacks, and the fees.


Terminal is not yet available for Cloudbeds Payments Mexico.

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