Whistle Messaging - Common A2P 10DLC SMS Registration Errors

Whistle for Cloudbeds customers need to register their business for A2P 10DLC as guided here. While registering, you may find errors that will be displayed in the feedback ID, that is a recommendation on how you can fix your SMS registration. Find below a list of possible feedback IDs that can be returned and corresponding recommendations for fixing the required brand information.

Common Errors and Recommendations

Feedback ID



Use your company's business registration number (which is EIN for U.S. customers or the equivalent for customers outside the U.S.).

Use your company's legal name that you used in the tax filings.

The information above needs to be an exact match to your company's tax fillings. If you need this information, we recommend using the EIN lookup service or contact your legal department.


Use your company's stock symbol.

Use the stock exchange where your company stock is traded (i.e. NYSE, Nasdaq).


If you are not a US based government entity, you should register as a private entity.

Provide a dated letter on official letterhead from a US-based government entity stating that the organization is considered an instrument of a municipal, state, or federal government entity.


If you are not a US based government entity, you should register as a private entity.

Provide an IRS nonprofit determination letter or Tax Form 990 from the latest tax year.

Toll-Free number

If you are facing issues with the A2P 10DLC registration, while the process is being completed or solved, you can use as an alternative a Toll-Free number for SMS. Check how to configure the toll-free number in the step below.

Only United States and Canada Toll-Free numbers are available.

Configure the Toll-free API

In the Company Settings page

  1. Go to the Messaging Services
  2. Click to Edit SMS settings
  1. Go to the Toll-free tab
  2. Click on Choose Toll-Free number
  1. You will be redirected to submit your registration for Toll-Free SMS.

Fields required:

  • Legal Entity Name
  • Street Address
  • Address Line 2
  • Country Code
  • State
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Website URL
  • Estimated Monthly Message Volume
  • Primary Business Contact
    • First Name
    • Last name
    • Email
    • Phone

You can start using the SMS through the Toll-fre number registered even if the registration is still pending.  

Reach out to our support if you need any further assistance.

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