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Cloudbeds Release Notes - Cloudbeds Payments Monthly Statement


Monthly statements for all transaction types associated with Cloudbeds Payments processing are now available on the 5th of each month to reflect the previous month’s transactions.

Your monthly reconciliation is now easier and more streamlined. The monthly statements can also serve as interim invoices if you are in Europe and elsewhere that require invoices reflecting fees for the financial accounting.

This feature is only available for accounts with Cloudbeds Payments enabled.

What's in the Monthly Statement?

The new monthly statements list all credit card transactions submitted to the merchant account, including payments, refunds, chargebacks, and other fees charged for merchant use of Cloudbeds Payments.

Monthly statements will be available on the fifth of each month and reflect all transactions processed by the end of the previous month. You will also find all the statements from the past months you started using Cloudbeds Payments service. 

How to access

  1. Click Reports.
  2. Scroll to Payments Reports.
  3. Select Monthly Statements.
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